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Employee Performance Appraisal Software, Online Web-Based Performance Appraisal/Review Software

Appraisal Smart™ offers an innovative, cutting-edge approach to administering Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews

It not only automates the Employee Performance Review process - it elevates it to a superb relationship, productivity and behaviour modification tool, which will place you at the technological forefront regarding this crucial Human Resources and Managerial function

The Appraisal Smart solution is not just an electronic document management tool - it is an interactive Performance Management Support System

International best practice Employee Performance Appraisal technology

Designed by Human Resources professionals and programmed by ASP.NET Specialists

Employee Performance
Appraisal Demystified


Performance Appraisal

What do your Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Community, and Shareholders
think of you?

The Stakeholder Performance Appraisal (SPA) brings together the perceptions of a business's stakeholders, in order to enhance their engagement in the efficient operation of the business.

Recognized by the prestigious European Journal of Marketing as probably the best stakeholder feedback tool seen internationally to date.

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Employee Performance Appraisal Software, Online Web-Based Performance Review Software

Web-Based, Online
Performance Appraisal Software

Worldwide Implementation

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Managing and Administering Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews need not be so stressful, time-consuming and
paper-intensive any longer!

  • This state-of-the-art online Employee Performance Appraisal Software System can operate on your own Corporate Intranet or over the Internet as a hosted, ASP Application (secured by 128 bit SSL Encryption), thus providing access from anywhere in the world via your PC web browser; even from home (24/7 access)
  • Fully scalable - handles from only 10 to a massive 50 000 or more employees, covering all staff and managerial levels, at multiple worldwide locations
  • Competitively priced, especially considering its diverse and unique employee performance appraisal functionalities
  • Designed with the latest Microsoft ASP.NET software technology for database speed, capacity, scalability, and reliability. Custom-designed for us by Canary Data Solutions Ltd - recognised leaders in on-line database solutions
  • Suitable for both public and private sectors
  • Ensures performance expectation clarity between employees at all levels and their direct line managers
  • Intuitive and easy to use with advanced authoring tools and click-accessible Help Files
  • Accommodates the following Performance Appraisal Cycle alternatives: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12-monthly employee performance appraisals/reviews
  • Accommodates any kind and combination of Performance Measures such as Goals/Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), and Competencies
  • Performance Measures can be weighted according to their importance and priority
  • Handy Performance Rating Calculators are included to aid many different KPI performance level calculations, that would otherwise be cumbersome to work out
  • A Centralised Employee Performance Appraisal Template Database (created by clients for all job categories) facilitates the easy creation of Performance Appraisal Agreements for individual employees
  • Numerous Generic Competencies are available in a central library to select from and auto-upload into Employee Performance Appraisal Agreements
  • Facilitates easy Rating of Actual Performance against Agreed Performance Measures and Standards (select from four available Appraisal Rating Keys, plus design your own)
  • Appraisors (line managers) and appraisees (all levels) can log evidence of performance onto this hugely versatile online Performance Appraisal Software system at any time
  • Email reminders are sent automatically to warn line managers and staff of pending performance appraisals, as well as instant bulk emails to give other relevant instructions
  • Easy monitoring (by means of our unique 'Performance Review Software Manager') of the status of employee performance appraisals -- by the appointed in-house System Administrator/s
  • Automatically calculates an overall Performance Appraisal Percentage for each staff member, that can be used to calculate performance-related salary increases, incentives and bonuses in a fair and transparent way
  • Creates numerous graphical reports to identify your best and poorest performers for pay-for-performance and staff development purposes
  • Export overall performance appraisal percentages to a spreadsheet for easy performance-based remuneration calculations
  • Appraisals include a Performance Improvement Plan (with earmarked Training and Development) for each employee
  • Detailed records of past Employee Performance Appraisals are stored in a click-accessible lifetime archiving system
  • Creates Appraisal Reports by filtering any combination of Job Title, Employee Name, Appraisor, Appraisee, Team, Unit, and Location
  • Detailed Tutorials and Help Files are provided to get users up to speed with Performance Management and Staff Performance Appraisal/Review in no time at all
  • Super-rapid deployment: be up and running to use the Appraisal Smart Performance Appraisal Software within minutes of purchasing a System License
  • Soon to be added additional functionality: 360 Degree Performance Feedback (Peer / Multi-Rater Reviews), and multilingual systems
  • Best-priced web-based Employee Performance Review Software available on the market today, despite its diverse and unique range of functionalities
  • No need for formal training or IT help, no servers to maintain, and no software to install (secure Internet option)

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